Final NaNoWriMo 2013 Update

I did a good job catching up that first week but it was all downhill from there this year. I manged to write 11912 words altogether.

My plan is to finish up the story for my niece and nephews before it’s time to go on next year’s beach vacation. That way they’ll have something to read which will get them in the mood for it. Not that they need any additional help in getting pepped up for a beach house vacation but you know what I mean. ūüôā

I spent quite a bit of the month watching Orange is the New Black. Have you read the memoir? That’s on my list of books to read next year.

NaNoWriMo is Over!


It happened. I survived another year of NaNoWriMo. I spent most of December 1st sleeping as I was so exhausted. Life is getting back to normal and you should see me return to a regular posting schedule.

My mistake this year was completely pantsing it. All I had was a concept. It wasn’t enough to keep me focused. While I did find things to write about, it was disappointing to not have a purpose.

The good thing is all that writing knocked some ideas loose. And I’m doing some real writing again.

Writerly Weekend

It’s almost time for NaNoWriMo and I’ll be doing it again this year. (Last year I took a break.)

This past weekend was full of writerly activities to help get me pumped for it.

The online speculative fiction writer’s conference, Coyote Con, returned. Saturday I attended “The End of the World – Apocalyptic Fiction”, “Gaming & Writing” and “The Good, The Bad, The Girly & The Manly” chats. I wanted to attend one in the evening but honestly can’t remember what I did instead.

Sunday I went to my NaNoWriMo Columbus Regional Kick-Off party. And then I attended more Coyote Con chats. Appropriately the first one was “NaNoWriMo”. It seemed I was the only one with questions for the panelists. Afterwards I attended the “Here Be Magic Group”.

Originally I was planning on writing fan fiction for this year’s NaNoWriMo but now I’m leaning towards a series of short stories about a haunted house.

Editing is Scary!

This month I’ve been busy taking an editing workshop.¬† It’s been a wonderful experience and has forced me outside my comfort zone.¬†

For the past few years I’ve done NaNoWriMo and I’ve “won” more often than not.¬†It’s given me confidence in completing a long writing endeavor and¬† it’s given me the courage to write and submit shorter pieces.¬† But something has been missing.¬†

I look back at some old works and know they don’t seem polished enough for publication but I haven’t been able to figure out what was wrong.¬† This workshop has been a great exercise in looking at my work as a reader and an editor.¬† Unfortunately, it’s made me rewrite this particular novel three times but it’s getting closer to a finished product.¬† I estimate it will need to be rewritten or revised 2 more times before it’s ready.

Did you do anything recently that was outside your comfort zone?  Did you learn anything from it?

December 2010

These statistics are all for short stories, poems, or contest entries. Book reviews are not included.

  1. Sales in December: 0
  2. Rejections in December: 0
  3. Submissions sent out in December: 0
  4. Total stories/poems/contests pending responses: 0

Another quiet month on the writing front. 

I did learn about some new (to me) flash fiction markets during the Flash Fiction/Winter Solstice Celebration.  Some of them are being added to my list of possible markets.

One of my rewards for finishing NaNoWriMo this year was a premium Savvy Authors membership.  They also had an EditPalooza event scheduled for January to help work a manuscript into shape.  I registered for the workshop so I can get some work done beyond the crappy first draft.

Lastly, I and some others in my flash fiction group gave flash fiction contest entries critiques before they were handed in to the judge.  It (I hope) gave them a leg up on the competition and was fun to do.

NaNoWriMo 2010 Check-in #4

NaNoWriMo 2010 Winner

I’ll not keep you in suspense and let you know I won. ūüôā¬†

I have a short attention span when it comes to just sitting down and writing.  My mind wanders.  But put me in a room with other people writing and the words usually flow. 

This last week I had the good fortune to attend a write-in at The Mustard Seed Retreat.¬† Pam, the owner, was hosting a write-in for all area writers.¬† For some reason, I¬†thought we were writing in the barn and I couldn’t figure out how to get in – all the barn entrances were locked!¬† The write-in was actually inside the farmhouse.¬† When I saw the outside cats I was worried my allergies were going to get the better of me.¬† Fortunately, they are outdoor cats and not allowed inside.¬† It was a productive writing¬†day for me.¬† I must confess seeing all of those writing books in the classroom area made me want to start reading each one but I didn’t.¬† My focus was on writing.¬† I knocked out 6594 words that day.

On Friday and Tuesday I was able to attend other write-ins.¬† Each one helped me cross the finish line.¬† My husband let me borrow his laptop and frankly, it convinced me I need to be good to myself and buy last year’s reward.¬† I’ve picked out a Dell and a HP and will likely order it in the next week.¬† Thanks to the Tuesday write-in I had my largest word count day.¬† Ever.¬† 12451 half of this was written during the four hours there.

I crossed the finish line on Tuesday with 8 minutes to spare.  My final word count was 50160.

How was your writing week?

NaNoWriMo 2010 Check-In #3

I’m a few days late in my NaNoWriMo check-in.¬† Sorry!

I had Friday off work and that was my best writing day this year.¬† In the afternoon I went to a write-in at Colin’s Coffee.¬† It’s a long space with a counter and several tables.¬† Shopping center employees and other regulars came in for their coffee fix.¬†¬† We had one person visiting from Cleveland who was in town and wanted to get some writing done.¬† My noveling fuel was tomato soup and a frozen hot chocolate.¬†

In the evening was a second write-in at the Chocolate Cafe.¬† Apparently they have an all you can eat chocolate fondue special from 5pm to 10pm on Fridays for $6.99.¬† My noveling fuel was lobster bisque soup and (free refills) coke.¬† Surprisingly, I didn’t touch the chocolate at all.

On Friday alone I wrote 6034 words.  Not bad by my count.  It brought me up to 28234 words total.

One of the neat tools for NaNoWriMo is the Excel report card I’ve been using for as long as I can remember.¬† I was able to look back at my writing stats and my best day ever was on 11/30/2008 on the first version of this story.¬† I cranked out 8270 words in 7 hours.¬† Tonight I read some of those words.¬† Other than the last few paragraphs I have no recollection of what I wrote.¬† It was interesting to see how I tied up the main plot line.

How has your writing week been?

NaNoWriMo 2010 Check-In #2

Today my husband¬†will arrive home from work after I do.¬†¬†Tonight’s plan is to get dinner on the way home, take the Resident Corgi for his evening stroll, eat dinner and get down to business.

The current word count is at 12048 which almost 15k below where I should be to stay on target for the month. In years past I’ve done 5k days which often result in my right hand looking like a claw.¬† I don’t want that.¬† This year I’m taking two days off work so I can spend the day writing and that will help with my word count.

Since my last check-in a new character inserted himself into my novel.¬† It’s primarily populated by Caucasians with Irish names.¬† This new character is a coroner with the Franklin County Coroner’s office.¬† His surname is McGee but he’s a portly, short Asian.¬† Coroner McGee wasn’t in the 2008 version but is having a good time in this one.¬† I think he’s going to even make a few more appearances even though there’s only one dead body in the book.

Have you had any unexpected characters come in and try to steal the show?

NaNoWriMo 2010 Check-In #1

I decided this year to do another draft of my 2008 project titled Three Girls, a Corgi and a Dead Body.¬† The new working title, which I’m not so crazy about, is The Fairy Book Guardians.¬† It makes me think of Guardian by Katie Hines and The Storm Guardians.

I’m about to start my writing for the day and I’m woefully behind where I should be.¬† Using a slow and steady pace, I should be just over 15000 words to be on target for finishing on November 30th.¬† Instead I’m at 6254 words – I think it’s because my inner editor has been telling me this should be a second draft and I’ve been listening.

So I gave her a smushing last night.¬† I pointed out that this is still a first draft. After all, it’s not smart to rename some of your characters so you end up with Marty, Mari, Mark and Missy in some of the same scenes but because it’s a first draft it’s okay.¬† And that guy who was the dead husband’s best friend in the 2008 version – he’s now the antagonist.¬† He’s really selfish too.¬† Last night was my second highest daily word count.¬† I think my word count is going to be better from here on out.

Any roadblocks to your writing success?