NaNoWriMo 2010 Check-in #4

NaNoWriMo 2010 Winner

I’ll not keep you in suspense and let you know I won. :) 

I have a short attention span when it comes to just sitting down and writing.  My mind wanders.  But put me in a room with other people writing and the words usually flow. 

This last week I had the good fortune to attend a write-in at The Mustard Seed Retreat.  Pam, the owner, was hosting a write-in for all area writers.  For some reason, I thought we were writing in the barn and I couldn’t figure out how to get in – all the barn entrances were locked!  The write-in was actually inside the farmhouse.  When I saw the outside cats I was worried my allergies were going to get the better of me.  Fortunately, they are outdoor cats and not allowed inside.  It was a productive writing day for me.  I must confess seeing all of those writing books in the classroom area made me want to start reading each one but I didn’t.  My focus was on writing.  I knocked out 6594 words that day.

On Friday and Tuesday I was able to attend other write-ins.  Each one helped me cross the finish line.  My husband let me borrow his laptop and frankly, it convinced me I need to be good to myself and buy last year’s reward.  I’ve picked out a Dell and a HP and will likely order it in the next week.  Thanks to the Tuesday write-in I had my largest word count day.  Ever.  12451 half of this was written during the four hours there.

I crossed the finish line on Tuesday with 8 minutes to spare.  My final word count was 50160.

How was your writing week?

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