Preditors and Editors Polls!

Voting has begun in the Preditors and Editors polls for 2008 and will continue through January 14th.  Winners will be announced in February.  The main voting page can be found here.  You can even nominate a site or person that you think is missing!

Just place your vote and enter your email address.  They will send you an email to validate your vote, you click on the link and you’re validated.  I have never gotten any spam email from the poll so it should be safe.

Book Blogger Apprecation Week Finalists Announced!


I received an email today from Amy at My Friend Amy’s Blog with an announcement regarding the finalists for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards Nominations.  She’s placed the links to the finalists on this page.  The poll for voting can be found on this page.  Voting is open until September 12th.

Niteblade Anthology and Voting

Niteblade is still accepting submissions for its first ever print anthology.  It will be a mixture of new material based on Marge Simon’s cover artwork and older favorites.  You can still read the last four issues online and vote for your favorites from each issue.  No book reviews for the anthology from me; it’s all short stories and poems.  Let the voting begin!

Reviews Done and Preditors and Editors Poll

This week I’ve managed to finish two book reviews and send them off to the editors.  I have one more book review assigned to me to finish.  Once it’s complete, all my assigned book reviews will be off my plate so I can work on some new fiction.

The Preditors and Editors polls for 2007 close tomorrow.  The site serves as a resource for writers.  While looking through the nominees I found many familiar names.  I recognized them from editors/writers I work with and as presenters from the 2007 Muse Writing Conference.  It’s good to work with such highly regarded people!