My Favorite Reads of 2010

Last year I read over 60 books and surprisingly, my top five favorites were read mostly at the beginning of the year. Not surprisingly, I didn’t write reviews of all of them.  For the ones that don’t have reviews, I’ll be writing those later this week.  Not all of my favorite reads were released in 2010.  My… Continue reading My Favorite Reads of 2010

When Will There Be Good News? – Kate Atkinson

Title: When Will There Be Good News? Author: Kate Atkinson Publisher: Back Bay Books / Little, Brown and Company Source:Miriam at Hachette Book Group Atkinson’s writing pulls the reader into another world where bad things happen but there is always someone who wants to prevent the bad things or pick up the pieces afterwards.  The first… Continue reading When Will There Be Good News? – Kate Atkinson

One Good Turn – Kate Atkinson

What does a writer, two teenagers, the wife of a shoddy home builder, and a retired cop turned ex-detective now millionaire have in common?  They’re all witnesses to a fender bender at the Edinburgh festival.  It’s a seemingly ordinary accident that quickly escalates into an assault before being diffused by the writer. And this writer… Continue reading One Good Turn – Kate Atkinson

Mailbox Monday – February 1st

A big thank you to Marcia at The Printed Page for hosting Mailbox Monday.  This week was a big one for me since I went to Toronto for a few days and tried to pick up some books by Canadian authors while there. Not shown in the picture is Unearthed: An Anthology of Suspensein e-book… Continue reading Mailbox Monday – February 1st

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