2014 Niteblade Fundraiser

It’s time for the annual Niteblade fundraiser! This year’s perks include original art, Niteblade submission feedback, books, subscriptions and story critiques.

Help Choose a Chimp

Niteblade is adopting a chimp. Please help choose one to adopt. 🙂 Feel free to let everyone you know help pick!

Upcoming Niteblade Fundraiser

Niteblade will have their second annual fundraiser next month starting on March 1st. Last year Niteblade raised $108.78. I handle interviews for Niteblade as a volunteer. We’re all volunteers. This year Rhonda Parrish will be using IndieGoGo to run the campaign. Do you have anything you want to donate to the fundraiser? Last year’s donations… Continue reading Upcoming Niteblade Fundraiser

Niteblade Blog Train – Final Stop

The Niteblade Blog Train made a final stop at Niteblade. Rhonda is offering visitors to the Niteblade Blog Train the opportunity to win their own Niteblade collection. If you don’t like fantasy or horror you can give it to someone else as a gift!

Interviews at Niteblade

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s stop with Pete Aldin regarding “Because Business is Personal: Why I Like Niteblade”. Today I’m conducting an interview with myself regarding the interviews at Niteblade. I promise it will be a short one.   How long have you been doing interviews for Niteblade? I had to look up this answer.… Continue reading Interviews at Niteblade

Chuga Chuga Chuga Chuga

The Niteblade Train is stopping here on August 30th to celebrate Niteblade‘s 5 year anniversary in September. I’ll be blogging about interviews. 🙂

Niteblade 2012 Fundraiser

You may have heard of the horror and fantasy ezine, Niteblade, especially if you’ve taken a look at my bibliography page. 🙂 They’re having a fundraiser to help with the costs of running the ezine. The main page for the 2012 Niteblade fundraiser is at http://niteblade.com/home/2012-fundraiser-3/.

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