Talking Craft

One of the things I miss about a local writing group is the discussion about craft.  Each writer has his or her own method of writing.  The manner in which we get a beginning, a middle and an ending is as unique as the writer.  It’s difficult to agree on what makes a book “good” or… Continue reading Talking Craft

Terry Moore

The creator of Strangers in Paradise and Echo was here last Thursday as part of the events surrounding the Jeff Smith exhibit at The Wexner Center.  Initially I liked Strangers in Paradise because the women looked real and their story was interesting.  I wasn’t really into superheros anymore and had long given up my fantasy… Continue reading Terry Moore

Jeff Smith

The last few days I’ve been busy at The Wexner Center for the Arts.  In conjunction with the Cartoon Research Library, the galleries have an exhibit of his work side-by-side with his influences.  Friday evening was opening night and Saturday Jeff sat down with Scott McCloud to talk and then they did signings. Show openings are… Continue reading Jeff Smith

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