ALA Read and Author Series Posters

While looking at the ALA site for Banned Book Week I came across the current Celebrity READ posters in their shop.  It reminded me that during high school I had the David Bowie poster hanging on my wall.  I don’t recall how I got it.  It seems like it should have been a prize for the summer reading club but I was too old for the club then.  There used to be an age limit on the reading club though I don’t think they actually said there was – what teenager wants a happy meal coupon for reading books?  Now our library has multiple summer reading clubs for kids, teens and adults. 

Curious about who has been on the posters I found a site called I Love Libraries.  It has a page that lists all of the celebrities that have done posters over the years.  I learned that we can recommend celebrities and characters for the posters.  All you have to do is send an e-mail to with “READ Poster Suggestion” in the subject line.   Bet you can’t guess who I picked for my nomination.  Fone Bone from the Jeff Smith Bone series.

While looking around I found out there is an author series of posters too where authors recommend some of their favorite books.  I’d be interested in knowing if some of them would change their lists.

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