Book Tours and Reviews

Book Tours
I do enjoy hosting book tours. For all book tours I do expect to read the book and review it. (Interviews are more fun when I can ask questions about the book.) These are usually scheduled one to two months in advance. I am receptive to guest posts.

What I Read
y interests are all over the place. The book description is usually what makes me want to read a book. In regards to genre I’m generally receptive to most but my favorite is literary fiction. Feel free to browse the books in my collection on LibraryThing or GoodReads.

Formats I Read
In addition to hard copy ARCs (Advance Review Copies) I do read books in .mobi and .pdf format on my Kindle. Not all .pdf files look great on the Kindle so it can take me a little longer to read and review .pdf files. I also have a NetGalley account so can read copies of books from there if I’m approved for the title.

Reviews of books are honest. If I don’t enjoy reading the book I’ll say why it didn’t work for me. Reviews posted on my site are also posted to LibraryThing and Goodreads. I will post a review on Amazon if requested. On average, books are usually read within one to two months. Reviews are posted a week or two after I’ve read the book. Most of my review material comes from NetGalley.

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I used to receive monetary compensation when I reviewed books for print and internet magazines. I’m no longer paid or reviews. Links to these reviews are listed on my bibliography page but are not posted on my site.


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