NaNoWriMo 2010 Check-In #1

I decided this year to do another draft of my 2008 project titled Three Girls, a Corgi and a Dead Body.  The new working title, which I’m not so crazy about, is The Fairy Book Guardians.  It makes me think of Guardian by Katie Hines and The Storm Guardians.

I’m about to start my writing for the day and I’m woefully behind where I should be.  Using a slow and steady pace, I should be just over 15000 words to be on target for finishing on November 30th.  Instead I’m at 6254 words – I think it’s because my inner editor has been telling me this should be a second draft and I’ve been listening.

So I gave her a smushing last night.  I pointed out that this is still a first draft. After all, it’s not smart to rename some of your characters so you end up with Marty, Mari, Mark and Missy in some of the same scenes but because it’s a first draft it’s okay.  And that guy who was the dead husband’s best friend in the 2008 version – he’s now the antagonist.  He’s really selfish too.  Last night was my second highest daily word count.  I think my word count is going to be better from here on out.

Any roadblocks to your writing success?


  1. The general busy routine of family and life are always a distraction, but I’m having a good week this week. I’m back to editing the rough draft of my novel and feeling pretty inspired about it. I just really want to be done already!

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