NaNoWriMo 2010 Check-In #2

Today my husband will arrive home from work after I do.  Tonight’s plan is to get dinner on the way home, take the Resident Corgi for his evening stroll, eat dinner and get down to business.

The current word count is at 12048 which almost 15k below where I should be to stay on target for the month. In years past I’ve done 5k days which often result in my right hand looking like a claw.  I don’t want that.  This year I’m taking two days off work so I can spend the day writing and that will help with my word count.

Since my last check-in a new character inserted himself into my novel.  It’s primarily populated by Caucasians with Irish names.  This new character is a coroner with the Franklin County Coroner’s office.  His surname is McGee but he’s a portly, short Asian.  Coroner McGee wasn’t in the 2008 version but is having a good time in this one.  I think he’s going to even make a few more appearances even though there’s only one dead body in the book.

Have you had any unexpected characters come in and try to steal the show?

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