storySouth Million Writers 2008

Nominations begin today for the 2008 storySouth Million Writers best short story award and ends March 31st.  Editors can nominate up to three short stories of 1000 words or more that have appeared in their online publication during 2007.  Readers can nominate one short story of 1000 words or more.  Again, the story had to be published… Continue reading storySouth Million Writers 2008

February 2008

These statistics are all for short stories or poems.  Book reviews are not included.  This may end up being depressing so I may not do it every month.  🙂 Sales in February: 0 Rejections in February: 0 Submissions sent out in February: 1 Total stories/poems pending responses: 4 One of my goals this year is… Continue reading February 2008

The Oscars and Postage Rate

In years past my husband and I celebrated the Oscars by attending or hosting parties.  Most recently we’ve watched them by ourselves.  I enjoy seeing the celebrities walk down the red carpet, trying to figure out who the date is, and wondering what question is going to come out of the interviewer’s mouth.  As the years have… Continue reading The Oscars and Postage Rate


One question writers are frequently asked is “Where do you get your ideas?”  Some play the “what if?” game when a scenario strikes their fancy and a spin is put on it.  Other writers will say they get their ideas from dreams.  Or if they write horror they write about what scares them. My own… Continue reading Ideas

Works in Progress

A few weeks ago (actually on the 14th) I finished the last book review I had assigned to me.  The editor is in Fiji so I have no idea when the reviews will be posted. In general I don’t like to talk about the things I have in progress.  When talking about the work face… Continue reading Works in Progress

Plagiarism or Copyright Fair Use?

While traveling to the AAA auto repair center to pick up my car I heard something on NPR that caught my attention.  The latest literary scandal involves Cassie Edwards, Paul Tolme, and the black-footed ferret. Cassie Edwards is a historical romance novelist.  I don’t think I’ve read any of her work.  Her 100th novel, Shadow… Continue reading Plagiarism or Copyright Fair Use?

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

About three years ago I met Elmore Hammes at a local NaNoWriMo kickoff party.  He’s impressed me with the number of novels he can churn out each year and with the quality of his writing.  Elmore’s been published in The First Line and submitted one of his novels for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  I received… Continue reading Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

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