Clearing The Cobwebs

It’s good to challenge yourself by setting new goals or figuring out how to do something you want. Sometimes the best thing, though, is to clear the cobwebs by concentrating on something completely different or a change of scenery.  I did both by spending the weekend in New York.  Instead of concentrating in my own… Continue reading Clearing The Cobwebs

Reading and Writing

I have a book review due before May 1st so I’ve been busy reading the book.  I think I have 200 more pages before I’m done. This week I decided I’d done the final edits on a short story I’ve been working on (aka revising) for the last two years and sent it off somewhere… Continue reading Reading and Writing

Milos Forman

I know… I know… as you’re reading this you are probably wondering if I ever go to any author readings or if I’m just on the sidelines when movie directors come to town.  As a matter of fact, I get to do both; I just haven’t been to an author reading in a while.  Last… Continue reading Milos Forman

David Gordon Green

Last Friday (a week ago) I attended a screening of Snow Angels where the director, David Gordon Green, introduced the film and then took questions afterwards.  I often recommend his movie, Undertow, to other writers that want to get into a literary frame of mind.  Snow Angels is based on the novel of the same name written by Stewart O’Nan. … Continue reading David Gordon Green

March 2008

These statistics are all for short stories or poems.  Book reviews are not included. Sales in March: 0 Rejections in March: 2 Submissions sent out in March: 0 Total stories/poems pending responses: 4 The two rejections were poems sent to one market.  Pending responses include a flash fiction piece with an expected response time of six months… Continue reading March 2008

Writing Progress This Week

A short but intense bout of the flu on Tuesday kept me from one of my writing appointments last week.  Does a 50% average mean I flunk writing for the week?  🙂 There is a lot of “business” behind the writing and it’s easy to get caught up in it.  For instance, on Saturdays I… Continue reading Writing Progress This Week

Excuses, Excuses

There is every excuse not to write and usually not enough for writing.  As imaginative folks, writers can make up new excuses that haven’t been used before. My excuse this week was company.  During the summer and the fall I never knew when unexpected company would drop in.  The winter months usually make Ohioans go… Continue reading Excuses, Excuses

Snow Bound

The weather forecasters called for snow this past weekend and a winter storm warning.  We received about two feet altogether.  I’m sure other parts of the state received more. Early Friday morning is when it began to snow.  By Saturday nearly everyone in my neighborhood was stuck inside their homes.  Believe it or not, I… Continue reading Snow Bound