The Oscars and Postage Rate

In years past my husband and I celebrated the Oscars by attending or hosting parties.  Most recently we’ve watched them by ourselves. 

I enjoy seeing the celebrities walk down the red carpet, trying to figure out who the date is, and wondering what question is going to come out of the interviewer’s mouth.  As the years have gone by the hosts for the red carpet have gotten worse which has taken the enjoyment out of it.

There were certainly some surprise winners.  I filled my ballot out this year on who I thought should win, not who I thought would get the award.  I’ll just say I’m glad I wasn’t entered into any betting pools.  The most surprising moment for me was when Jon Stewart escorted Marketa Irglova back on stage so she could give her acceptance speech. 

One winner in my book is Jeni’s Ice Cream.  We ate some after lunch yesterday and for dessert tonight.  The Winter Squash with Pecan Pralines does taste like pumpkin pie.

The postage rate in the U.S. goes up one cent in May.  It can take a while to hear back from submissions sometimes.  I will have to remember to use the Forever stamps on any submissions I send out in April (and possibly March!).  Towards the end of January I sent some items out and am still waiting to hear from the publishers.  The longest item I have out at the moment was sent in October 2007 and has an estimated response time of six months. 

While I wait – I write.

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