The Moment When It All Changes

Do you remember the first book you read that spoke to you?  I don’t mean the one that made you nod your head because you can relate to the story or the characters.  And I don’t mean the one that made you cry because the words were so beautiful.  There’s one book that makes you say, “This author is in my head!”

That book for me is A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers.  By the time I got around to reading the hardcover edition, a paperback edition with a new foreword was released.  I still read the hardcover book I had.  There are tangents in the telling of a scene that remind me of the tangents I have with my thoughts.  It’s like there’s something that sparks a memory and the memory has to play out before returning to the original line of thought.

 What book first spoke to you?

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