The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

Title: The Little Giant of Aberdeen County
Author: Tiffany Baker
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Source: The Columbus Metropolitan Library (I’d requested a copy via Bostick Communications in April.  When the opportunity to interview Tiffany came up, I began reading a library copy of the book.)

The title character of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County is Truly Plaice.  When younger, she wishes she could wear pretty dresses like Serena Jane, her beautiful older sister.  Truly’s increasing size leaves her with only boys clothing in her wardrobe.  As she leaves behind the conventions of the 60s the townspeople begin to ignore the largest person in town.  Amelia and Marcus are two people who seek her company and never let go.

The first chapter grabbed me.  It told me a lot about Truly’s circumstances before going into the past.  This was not the chick-lit or beach read promised via recent publicity promotions.  I knew from previous book blogger reviews this was not going to be one of those books.  Decades of Truly figuring out what she likes best in life, dealing with her childhood tormentor and living her life as an invisible entity reads more like women’s fiction. 

This is Tiffany Baker’s first published novel.  She’s created memorable characters and woven together several subplots.  Dr. Bob Bob Morgan is one of the most detested characters I’ve read in a long time.  He’s cruel and full of pride – not a lovely combination for Truly.  Amelia’s quiet, steady presence provides support when Truly becomes a mother to her nephew.  Marcus… well, you’ll have to discover more about him on your own. 

Come back tomorrow for an interview with Tiffany Baker!

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