Awards and Contests Updates

Here are some updates on awards and contests:

Amazon Breakthrough Novel
Can you believe it?  It’s February already.  The submission period opened up on the 2nd and ends on the 8th.  If you’re a writer you still have time to send in your entry.  It can be done here.

Micro Award
The trend analysis Robert Laughlin has posted on the site is fascinating to me.  I used to write trend analysis of Help Desk calls a lifetime ago.  They were the same things from month to month so it was a little bit boring.

Here are some highlights of what was posted:

  • 33 entries were received this year which is the same as last year.
  • The no submission fee resulted in more authors submitting their entries. 
  • Only 4 editors sent in submissions which is a decrease from last year.  
  • 6 entries were from print publications. 
  • Lastly, 4 of the submissions came from the general public. 

It would appear that the power of the internet has spread word about the award amongst writers but editors and readers didn’t get reached.  The award came to my attention through The Shine Journal.

Preditors and Editors Polls
The results have been tabulated and are in the process of being posted.  You can find them here.

storySouth Million Writers Award
Jason Sanford is looking for preliminary judges.  The storySouth Million Writers Award covers online short stories across all genres.


  1. I’m not certain where the judging for storySouth stands at the moment. Someone else took over publication and today all of the storySouth site was gone. I think they forwarded the domain and I’m not sure where the content is about the contest.

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