The Thurber House

James Thurber was a student at The Ohio State University before going on fame and fortune at the New Yorker.  The house he lived in with his parents and siblings is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  In 1984 it was turned into a museum and literary arts center.  They sponsor several programs all year long.  It’s a shame that I’ve talked about wanting to go to some of their events and haven’t made the time.

This year will be different.  One of the programs offered by Thurber House is an evening with an author.  Not all of the programs are held at the house.  There is one tomorrow night at the Columbus Museum of Art.  Merrill Markoe will be there to do a 50-minute reading of Nose Down, Eyes Up, answer questions and do a book signing during a reception.

As a special event for the evening, ticket holders were invited to enter their dogs into a doggie photo contest.  Markoe will award two dogs with the honor of “Most Likely to Talk” or “Most Likely to Be Portrayed in Markoe’s Next Book”.  I could not resist entering the Resident Corgi into the contest.  I’ve seen the pictures of the other dogs and there are some cuties!

Resident Corgi at Faucet
Resident Corgi at Faucet


  1. Ok, when I read there would be “an evening with an author” at the Thurber House, I got my hopes up… It was too much to have hoped James would show up, I’d driven down to Columbus for that! Your dog is cute.

  2. I think if James would have made it, everyone would have been surprised. He passed away over 45 years ago. The Thurber House supposedly has a ghost that was there when his family lived in the house. There is a Thurber on the board of Thurber House but I don’t think she’s an author.

    And Sammy says, “Thanks!”

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