An Hour of Comedy

Friday evening was fun.  When I arrived they were accepting raffle entries to win two tickets to the next “Evenings With Authors” night.  Three Dog Bakery was a sponsor and there was a big basket with little treat bags.

Tom Holiday with the Board of Trustees served as the host.  He introduced Markoe and they started right off with doggie photo contest winners.  Sammy won for “Most Likely to Talk”.  I was really shocked at the number of goodies from Three Dog Bakery and Thurber House.

Our Goodies
Our Goodies
Sammy's Winning Photo
Sammy’s Winning Photo

Markoe began reading her piece about Puppyboy titled “Something Very Important”.  It was a little bit difficult to hear at times – she may have been too close to the microphone.  Tom fixed it which resulted in a good natured exchange where Markoe commented that he threw her off and she had to begin it again (she didn’t, really).  After he took his seat, Markoe gave him the hand signal and the “stay” command.  It only added to the hilarity of Puppyboy’s story.

When finished, she asked if she should take questions or read more.  Many voices requested she read.  So read she did.  Markoe picked a bit from Nose Down, Eyes Upwhere the main character walks in his dog, Jimmy, giving a motivational speech to the other dogs about what is edible or inedible.  It’s currently being made into an audio book and Markoe was impressed the reader actually does voices for the characters.

During the question and answer session, Markoe was asked just about everything imaginable… “What is the strangest thing one of your dogs have eaten?”… “How did you get started writing?”… “Would your mother be proud of your success?”… “Have you always been this funny?” and so on. 

Tom had Markoe pick out the raffle winner.  Then Markoe signed books while a cookie and coffee reception was held nearby.  I bought a copy of Nose Down, Eyes Up for her to sign earlier in the week and since I now had a signed copy I went on to the reception.  It was a great evening and I’ll definitely be going to another Thurber House event.

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