Blog Tour Stop with E.C. Bell 4-15-2021

Hello friends!

I have an embarrassing confession to make. A while ago, like a year or more, WordPress came out with a new design for creating blog posts but I really hated it, so I switched to the “classic” version which has a ribbon of options along the top that I find easy to use. Here’s the embarrassing part – every time I’d do a post preview it came up blank. I thought, “Geez, maybe it’s just the classic style and the new blocks don’t like each other.” When I’d go to the site I could see content and thought it was fine. It wasn’t until the blog tour I participated in last month that I found out the blank posts came up on direct links and when trying to leave comments too. OVER A YEAR!!!! I tracked down the issue to a pesky comment plug-in.

Tying the Knot Print Cover

So good news, right? You can go directly to blog posts AND leave comments now. Keep an eye out for new blog tour content coming THIS Thursday! I have an interview with E.C. Bell. E.C. Bell has written a fun paranormal mystery series with a new book titled Tying the Knot coming out later this month. I hope you’ll stop by again and say hello.

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