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Just a reminder that tomorrow my interview with E.C. Bell goes live. Her newest book in the Marie Jenner Mystery Series publishes later this month and all of the ebook versions in the series were given new covers.  Tying the Knot Print Cover

Marie Jenner just wants a Vegas holiday.

When psychic Crystal Demoines tells James Lavall that his uncle’s spirit is trapped in Las Vegas, Marie is thrilled. All she’ll have to do is help Jimmy “anything for a buck” Lavall move on to the next plane of existence, and then she and James can have the holiday of her dreams.

But she never dreamed that a lieutenant of the drug kingpin from Edmonton would be staying at the same hotel as her and James, and that James would become his new best friend. Or that she’d have to find Jimmy’s girlfriend Rita—who disappeared the same night Jimmy died—before he would finally move on. Or that the most powerful man in the hotel would be looking for Rita too. To find the money she stole.

And Marie never dreamed that she’d be planning a Vegas wedding in the middle of it all. But she is.

Looks like her dream vacation is about to become a nightmare.

Here are some links to learn more about Tying the Knot. These are non-affiliate links.

Tying the Knot on Goodreads

Tying the Knot on Tyche Books

Tying the Knot on Amazon

Tying the Knot on Kobo


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