Bloggiesta Finish Line


The Bloggiesta Finish Line!
The Bloggiesta Finish Line!

It’s Sunday night and I’m about ready to cross the Bloggiesta Finish Line. Below is the list of goals I created and the progress I made:

  1. Schedule post about my All Hallows Reads plan. Done! Look for that later this week.
  2. Schedule three mini-bite reviews. Done! I wrote them, scheduled them, and even started on a fourth one.
  3. Blogroll Overhaul mini-challenge. Done! I started off with 10 links on my blogroll. Said goodbye to dead link for Coyote Con, removed an author I no longer really follow and added links for Beth Cato, one of my writing friends, and several writer-friendly sites: NaNoLJers, NaNoWriMo and World Weaver Press. I ended up with a total of 12 sites. Additionally I updated my Biography page which hadn’t been updated since 2009.
  4. Update three of my blog templates. While reviewing my templates, it seems I only have two templates. One is for book reviews and the other is for Mailbox Monday. I didn’t update either one.

I had limited time this weekend but managed to participate in two chats and get some things done on my blog. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the time and effort I put into it. I even had a badge created for a new feature on the blog. I hope you’ll like it!


  1. It’s Sunday night here, too, and past bedtime! So glad you had success with the Blogroll Overhaul Mini Challenge! It was my first time hosting a challenge, and it was fun.

  2. Even though you didn’t complete all your goals, it looks like you still accomplished a lot! I also did the Blogroll Overhaul mini-challenge – it was a great challenge, and I am super happy I cleaned up my blogroll over on Feedly.

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