A Month of Letters 2013 Update #2

The second week for the challenge is now over. I skipped mailing on Friday and Saturday and made it up on other days.

It was a big week for Valentines:

  • A birthday card for Kimmie’s niece.
  • Valentine’s cards for my two best friends.
  • Valentine’s postcards to Beth Cato, my parents, and my brother-in-law’s family.
  • A postcard to the station manager of the main post office.
  • A letter to a fellow Lettermo participant in Germany

Incoming mail is still slow but more than before. My first item was a letter from Suey of It’s All About Books. I received a funny Valentine from Beth Cato. Not surprisingly, a package arrived from my mother with Valentine’s Day goodies for me and my husband. And today I found a pleasantly large envelope from Rhonda Parrish. It was a cute notecard with some Niteblade postcards which I will be sending to other Lettermo participants.

Something new this year for Lettermo are the enhancements to the site. It keeps track of the # of items you mailed, and gives you an achievement score for different things (finding a new mailbox, sending a valentine/birthday wishes, mailing to an international address, etc.). As of today I have mailed 13 items, received 8 achievements and have an achievement score of 42. Some people have mailed out 159 items. That seems unbelievable!

Heather B. Armstrong made a timely post about teaching her daughter how to address an envelope I thought I’d share with you today.

Would you like me to send you something in the mail? Let me know and I’ll send you an email to get your address.

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