A Month of Letters 2013

A Month of Letters 2013

It’s nearly that time again. February is A Month of Letters challenge. All you have to do is mail an item every day the post runs. In the United States that is 23 days. You don’t have to mail a letter or a post card. You can mail a newspaper clipping, a magazine article, or a swatch of fabric. Anything. Hopefully you’ll get something in return.

So far I’ve stocked up on note cards, paper and envelopes. Next week I’ll pick up a bunch of forever stamps and plan out my calendar.

Are you going to do it this year?


  1. I just discovered it this year, and was so immediately convinced I needed to do this! In Canada we don’t have postal delivery on Saturdays so I’m giving myself the leeway to not do Saturdays if I don’t want to πŸ˜‰ It is already so much fun!

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