Interview with Amber Kallyn

It’s a meeting of the Ambers! Today I have an interview with Amber Kallyn, author of the new release, Bloodstorm. Until the 30th you can enter to win a copy of Bloodstorm on Goodreads. Amber is the author of several paranormal romance novels and a long-time resident of Arizona. In addition to her own blog, you can read her regular blog posts with the Plot Mamas and the 7 Evil Dwarves. A big thank you to Amber for taking time out of her schedule to answer some interview questions.

Book cover for Bloodstorm by Amber Kallyn

Me: You’re a native of Arizona. The state is known for its desert climate but it also has forests and mountains. How do you think this environment influences your writing?

Amber: I grew up in the desert, but I’ve lived, as we say ‘Up the mountain’ as well. My books tend to be in small towns up a mountain, with plenty of forest for hiding 🙂

Also, because I’m used to spending so much time outside, I tend to write people outside interacting with nature.


Me: Your works have featured dragon shifters, sex demons, nymphs, werewolves and vampires. Which is your favorite?

Amber: Oh, wow. I have to pick one? 😉

The vampires I’m writing right now would have to be my favorite, though the mythological creature closest to my heart has always, and will always be, Dragons. They’re in every culture, representing so many different things from the Earth to health and luck. Plus, they’re big and bad and can kick butt, LOL.


Me: What kind of supernatural creature do you want to tackle next?

Amber: My vampires are going to be a multiple book series. When I’m finished writing them, I’m planning a spin-off with the werewolf pack. I also have some ideas I’ll get around to with demons, and werebears 😉


Me: Your latest work, Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire), was released earlier this month. Tell us a little about it.

Amber: In Bloodstorm, a vampire tracks down the monster who killed her family and turned her into the revenge driven creature she is today. She tracks him down in a small, mountain-top town (see, LOL) and finds Shane, an Apache Shaman and Keeper of the peace between paranormal races. Working together to keep each other safe is difficult while trying to avoid falling in love–especially when a vampire must choose between that love or her revenge.


Me: I understand you tend to plan your work instead of writing and seeing where it takes you. For Bloodstorm, which came first? The characters or the plot?

Amber: I am absolutely a plotter, the problem is my characters come to me first. Then, I struggle with the plot. I like to have a mini-outline, essentially a sentence or two for each scene that takes me from start to finish. Of course, things change while writing, an outline is really only a guideline, not a must-stick-to map. It works for me.


Me: What are you working on now?

Amber: I’m currently in edits on Hungerstorm (Heart of a Vampire, Book 2). It will be released in Summer 2012 🙂


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