What Have I Been Up To?

Let’s see… first I went to this place for a week:

Sunset on Topsail Beach

We stayed at the same beach house we’ve been going to for years. This year the internet connection was nonexistent. Even being plugged directly into the router didn’t work. I wrestled with it off and on the entire week with only my cell phone to provide a lifeline to the outside world.

When I got back, I rebelled against the internet, I think. I didn’t read my Google Reader, visit blogs or even check all of my email accounts.

For about 20 years I’ve wanted to learn how to knit. Since this is a milestone year I decided this would be the year to learn it. First I took a basic knitting class. We were supposed to make an iPod Cozy but really we just made swatches and began scarves. I’m still working on one for a sister-in-law as a Christmas present.

The instructor’s pep talk gave me enough confidence to do the intermediate class. I learned how to make a hat.

Roll brim hat

Now that I can work with double pointed needles, I’m knitting a rabbit for my 8-month old niece. If I don’t finish it in time for the holiday, I can have it ready for her 1st birthday.

There’s a backlog of reviews to do. While on my beach vacation I started and finished quite a few books. Since all my holiday shopping is done, I expect my time over the next few weeks will be knitting a rabbit or writing a review and doing some year-end posts.


  1. That hat is beautiful! I can’t believe it’s one of your first projects.

    I envy you being unplugged at the beach for a retreat with good books to read. What a great way to end the year!

  2. Amber, I’m glad I get to catch up with you occasionally. I’m so impressed by your hat!! I would love to learn to knit…someday. Also, I thought you wrote very “personably” here. 🙂

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