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Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2011 BannerToday is all about blogging tips.

Here are some tried and true blogging tips:

  1. Use the schedule feature! I love this feature in WordPress (and I think most blogging platforms have it). How do you think I was able to find the time to post every day this week? I spent about two hours on Sunday writing all the BBAW posts. I already have book reviews scheduled for when I go on vacation in a few months.
  2. Make quality posts on a regular basis. If there’s no quality content, people will stop dropping in to say hello. Isn’t every blogger pleased when someone leaves a comment?
  3. Have a variety of posts. Vary the length. Add pictures. Use bullets or different font colors. Make your posts visually interesting.

Have you noticed any new trends or tools in blogging? What are some of your tried and true blogging tips?


  1. Scheduling is great! I love that feature. I’ve been working on adding pictures to my blog — that’s great advice. I’m good with blog covers and event badges and such, but when a topic isn’t really easy to pair with a picture, I struggle. It’s an area I hope to improve.

  2. I love your tip about being visually interesting – your posts that is, not you personally, haha. I have found that when I follow posts via a reader like Google Reader or Feedly, I get overwhelmed by the amount there waiting to be read versus the time I have to devote. Those that have an eye-catching photo or clever title inevitably catch my eye first and are where I begin my reading.


  3. Hi Erin – there are some different sites (like istock photo) where you can get photos free for your blog. I haven’t found any good clip art sites though.

  4. Thanks for the great post, Amber. I agree about pictures. I have lots of photos that I take around the house, etc., but I Google a topic to get pix sometimes. I discovered that one a few months ago.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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