That Went Well by Terrell Harris Dougan

That Went Well

That Went Well is more than a funny memoir about growing up with and caring for a special needs sibling.  It personalizes the movement to create day care centers and free public education for children with special needs.  The reader meets Terrell Harris Dougan, her sister Irene Harris, and the people who come into their lives because of Irene.  The family makes the best of the circumstances for everyone.  When one child is different from the others it can cause stress for the parents and other children can feel ignored.

The stories are told with humor and are mostly in chronological order.  When Terrell begins to date, Irene greets the suitors with one of her dolls and asks where his mother is.  A second date was much more likely to happen if he spoke with Irene instead of ignoring her.  Irene doesn’t outgrow her dolls and delights in seeing the dolls of her young nieces but never wants to share her own.

I was introduced to this book by At Home With Books and was provided with an Advance Reading Copy by Paula at Author Marketing Experts.  Thank you both!  The Deseret News has a nice profile about the Harris sisters if you’d like to read more about them.


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