Mid-Year Tally 2009

Last year an acquaintance of mine gave a mid-year tally of her publications, writings, movies watched, books read, etc. and it inspired me to look at the numbers for my year.  I’m repeating my mid-year tally this year.

  • read 30 books
  • watched 73 movies
  • wrote 25 book reviews (2 published)
  • wrote 0 poems
  • wrote ? short stories

Last year I found I was poor at keeping track of such things.  It’s been much easier to keep track of the movies I see and the books I read.  Keeping track of the short stories I’ve read is an impossible task. 

LibraryThing has been a great tool for me this year for book tracking.  I have a much better idea of exactly how many books I have in my TBR pile and I can tell with certainty that I’m not making much progress on it.  This year I’ve obtained (some borrowed from the library) 54 books but since I’ve read 30 that leaves me with a surplus on the pile.  Gotta get reading (and doing some less obtaining).  I’ve also got to finish the new short stories I’ve been working on.

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