Kitty Norville Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Kelly B for winning the first four Kitty Norville books by Carrie Vaughn!!

I noticed the entries were fewer for this giveaway and I think it’s because (1) a lot of people were giving away books as part of Carrie’s blog tour and (2) I wanted to make it fun by having everyone do a little bit more than just leave a comment so an entry required a little more thought than usual.

The questions left were really great.  For some of them I could hear Kitty provide an answer.  One of those answers would probably be, “Buy my book!”

Kitty does get started on writing a memoir during Kitty Takes a Holiday.  Surprisingly, it does get finished and published.  The events in the Kitty Norville books take place fairly close together so doing a book tour would definitely give Kitty a reason to do some traveling.  And she could ask answer some of those questions in person.

Rhonda’s question of “How do you feel about the way werewolves are portrayed in recent urban fantasy novels such as NEED or the Mercy Thompson novels?” would definitely appeal to the former English major in Kitty.  In fact, she’d probably devote an entire show to it.

Cheryl S. brought up a good point with “I would ask her what are her favorite foods.  Do werewolves eat differently than humans when in human form?”  In the novels Kitty eats a lot of rare steaks.  But she also drinks wine.  Where is the junk food and chocolate?

Lisa Damian said, “I would ask her opinion about this frustrating ability I have to make everything technological around me go wonky.”  You are not alone.  I know someone who has this ability… computers, speakers, watches and lights are the main things that behave abnormally in his presence.

These questions are so good I’m going to pass them along to the Hachette Book Group to pass along to Carrie.

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  1. Amber, thank you so much for this! I am really beyond thrilled! I have emailed you my address. 🙂 Have a wonderful day. And really…thank you so much!

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