The Possible Decrease in US Postal Service Delivery

Each week I participate in the Mailbox Monday meme where people share what books came into their house that week.  Sometimes the books really do arrive in the mailbox. Last year I recall the US Postal Service talked about eliminating home delivery on Tuesday as it was the least busy day for them.  Now there is… Continue reading The Possible Decrease in US Postal Service Delivery

Signs of Spring

The signs of spring are in my neighborhood: My neighbor’s tulips are an inch above ground. The morning walks with the Resident Corgi are longer. Birds chatter away in the lilac bush in the mornings. Mourning Doves sit on the telephone wire. Geese travel in formation to their favorite nesting spots. The pond water is… Continue reading Signs of Spring

Henning Mankell Interview

Yesterday morning I had the chance to listen to Henning Mankell on NPR’s Morning Edition.  His latest novel doesn’t have his famous character, Inspector Kurt Wallander, in it.  In fact, it’s mostly populated by women characters.  Mankell read the opening scene.  It is a desolate landscape and put a chill down this listener’s spine. It was… Continue reading Henning Mankell Interview