Technology Changes and So Do I

If someone told me ten months ago I would be spending my free time using technology more throughout my day I would have thought the person was crazy.  I work with technology all day long.  How would it be possible to use it even more?

In July 2009 I signed up for Twitter.  I was very resistant to the idea.  After all, what would I have to say in 140 characters that people would  want to read?  And what could they say that would keep me interested?

In August 2009 I signed up for Facebook.  And my free time has not been the same.  (One reason why I never went back to playing EverQuest was the time suck.)  I spent that rediscovered time writing and reading instead.  I am limiting my time on it, believe it or not.

In September 2009 I sent my first text message from my prepaid cell phone.  This particular Nokia model was in my possession for over 2 years before I sent one. 

In February 2010 I was gifted an iPhone.  Twitterific is my favorite part.  It is so convenient to catch up on what’s going on in my neighborhood throughout the day.  But I also like Toodledo and Flight Control.

This month I began using Google Reader.  That’s right.  I have a handful of sites in my Google Reader now.  I’m horrible about bookmarking sites and unless it’s one I can remember easily it can be months before I return.  I really like Google Reader. 

What’s my next step?  Who knows… maybe I’ll look into feedburner next so others can easily follow my blog too!

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  1. I would highly suggest using feedburner. You can track how many subscribers you have and which of your posts the view and click through. It makes it easier to remember the url if you need to add it to a form or something.

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