Spring Is On The Way

Groundhog Day has come and gone.  The furry creatures in the different states can’t agree on how soon spring is coming.

The temperature is in the 40’s here and the snow has nearly all melted.  This is a brief reminder spring is coming although winter is certainly not over yet.

The surest sign that spring is coming is a little ice cream shop around the corner.  They’ve been dark for months at all hours of the day.  Saturday night they were open.

What signs of spring are in  your neighborhood?


  1. Well, the temperature has been hoving around -10 and up to just above freezing. That’s pretty beautiful. How long does the snow stick around down your way? Up here I’ve seen it linger into June and I’ve heard of it being under trees up into July.

    I realized last week that I spend a huge part of my life waiting for spring. That seems wrong. Normally I’d say I was going to move to New Zealand as a response, but given the fires in Australia right now…maybe not.

  2. Snow generally stays until April or maybe May. It all depends on how cold it is. Today I got to see our mourning doves are back. 🙂

  3. The past two days have been great snow-melting days around here! Signs of spring are the melt water running down the street, the mud, lighter coats (if only for a few days. After all, we know this is just a respite and there will be more winter!)

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