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I’m at Topsail Beach this week in North Carolina on vacation.  I may be taking a break from my day to day responsibilities but I’ve not been taking a break from my writing. 

One of the workshops I attended at The Muse Online Writers Conference was “Write that Bio With Sheri Gormley”.  Sheri is the Director of Marketing and Promotions for Virtual Tales.  Authors are told repeatedly to have a web presence before their first work sells but few know what to include on a web site.  One thing all author sites should all have in common is the biography.  It’s difficult for some writers to talk/write about themselves.  What information will the reader find interesting?  With the tips I learned at the workshop I updated my bio page. 

Another workshop I attended was “Organizing Your Writing Life with Cheryl Malandrinos”.  Cheryl is a freelancer, copywriter and aspiring author who understands how the writer’s mind works since she’s one herself.  One of her tips was to take a SMART goal and break it down into smaller tasks.  It sounds so simple but a lot of people get hung up on the volume of tasks and never get started.  One of my SMART goals was to hit my daily word count in November.  In order to accomplish this, I’ve brought my character pyramid sheets with me and I’ll have my characters interviewed before the week is done.  I’ve already begun the interview process and been surprised by some of the answers.


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