A Month of Letters 2013 Update #3

The third week for the challenge is now over!

This week I mostly sent postcards and letters:

  • Artist Deena Warner – Starting in 2005 I’ve received an annual Halloween card from  her. For once, I thought I’d send her a little artwork, and sent her a Niteblade postcard featuring artwork from Marge Simon.
  • A reply to Suey of It’s All About Books.
  • A friend in New Jersey.
  • An introduction letter to a Lettermo Participant who friended me on the forums.

As of today I have mailed 17 items, received 11 achievements and have an achievement score of 90. One person has mailed 374 items. While I can estimate that is quite a bit of postage, I can’t help but wonder what the person has mailed to people. Are they postcards, mailart, packages, or letters?

I have been quite a bit more active on the forums this year for Lettermo and one of the questions posed was “In what order do you send your mail?” When you have a bunch of thank you cards, for example, do you tackle the shortest content first? Do you write them in alphabetical order? Do you send them out according to geographic area?

My goal for Lettermo was to send letters internationally first and when it came to my Valentines I sent them out according to the furthest point from me first to Ohio addresses last. Everything else has been sent with no rhyme or reason.

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