A Month of Letters 2013 Update #1

It’s a week into February and I’ve been doing well at keeping up with the challenge.

So far I’ve sent mail to:

Incoming mail has been small. I received some postage stamps I ordered online and cute Valentine’s Day postcards from Etsy. I’m not expecting much return mail this year.

I thought for this next week it would be interesting to write to authors whose work I like. Some had contact forms on their site or an email address listed. Not surprisingly in this day and age, not many of them have snail mail addresses available. Here were my findings:

  1. Kate Atkinson – No snail mail information.
  2. Margaret Atwood – Snail mail contacts for agent, foreign language rights, film/tv rights and research/academic inquiries.
  3. Emma Donoghue – Snail mail contacts for film rights, agent, speaking engagements, and so on.
  4. Neil Gaiman – Snail mail address for one of his assistants.
  5. Sara Gruen – Snail mail address for agent and speaking engagements.
  6. Joe Hill – No snail mail information.
  7. Jim C. Hines – No snail mail information.
  8. Lee Martin – Snail mail contacts for media and agents contacts. He’s local to me so I could send a letter to his office at the university but that’s stalkerish behavior.
  9. Christopher Moore – No snail mail information.
  10. R.L. Naquin – No snail mail information.
  11. Kait Nolan – No snail mail information.

If you’re participating, are you doing any “theme” weeks?

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