Goblin Tales by Jim C. Hines

Title: Goblin Tales
Author: Jim C. Hines
Source: My Personal Library

Goblin Tales by Jim C. Hines

A vengeful ghost trapped in a goblin’s ear … a flaming spider who must help stop a goddess from conquering a science fiction convention … a goblin nursery worker who finds herself trapped in the middle of a war. This collection features five humorous short stories that explore the fantasy realm from the perspective of the lowest of the low, the unlikeliest of unheroes: the goblins.

You don’t have to be familiar with the Goblin Tales Trilogy to enjoy these stories. This was my way of dipping my toe into the goblin waters and find out if I’d be interested in reading the entire series. It worked. If you like your fantasy slightly skewed and humorous then you’ll like Jim C. Hines.

This was a quick read which I finished in a few days.

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