Goblin Quest by Jim C. Hines

Title: Goblin Quest
Author: Jim C. Hines
Publisher: DAW Books
Source: Columbus Metropolitan Library

 Goblin Quest by Jim C. Hines In Goblin Quest we’re introduced to Jig. He’s a runt amongst Goblins and still assigned to muck duty which is usually reserved for youngsters. Filling up the 46 fire bowls in the tunnels without catching one’s self on fire is hazardous enough – Jig also has to steer clear of his bully cousin. One evening, his cousin gets the upper hand. When his cousin contaminates the muck, Jig is forced to do patrol duty. He patrols the tunnels while his cousin (and cronies) gamble. Jig’s only companion is Smudge, a fire-spider.

Jig is captured by a group of adventurers. One prince is going to prove himself to his father by finding the Rod of Creation. The other prince, a mage, is helping his brother. Their Dwarf teacher, an amateur cartographer, is there to keep them from killing one another. A sullen Elf pickpocket rounds out the party. Since Jig lives in the tunnels, they think he knows the way to their destination.

With characteristic humor, Hines shows how stubborn and foolhardy adventurers can be. It takes more than brawn and magic to figure out a puzzle. This was a light read I finished in a few days.

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