BBAW Daily Topic: Community Part I

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In case you didn’t notice, today is the beginning of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Giveaways, posts on book blogging topics and interviews abound. This year I’m not participating in any interviews but I am going to post on the daily topics. This year the topics were posted ahead of time to give everyone a chance to get started.

Today’s daily topic is community.

Community: A body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, or political interests.

I wanted to highlight some of the people who are part of my reading and writing community on the internet. They are listed in no particular order.

Kathy of Bermudaonion. She often leaves comments on my site so I know someone is reading! 🙂 Her own blog has a variety of posts so it’s never boring when I drop in.

Rhonda Parrish. She’s got an editing hat (Niteblade) and a writing hat. She may not realize it, but she’s got a mentor hat too. Rhonda is an example of a do-er. She writes. When she didn’t see her writing interests represented, she made an e-zine to make it happen.

Lisa Damian of Damian Daily. She’s a writer and book reviewer. Her blog chronicles her interests and observations.

Do you have anyone you think of as part of your reading or writing community on the internet?


  1. Sounds like great blogs. I’ve never heard of any of them. But that gives me a chance to check them out. Thanks for sharing and introducing them.

    Happy BBAW!

    Hope to stay connected.

    New follower.

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