June 2011

These statistics are all for short stories, poems, or contest entries. Book reviews are not included.

  1. Sales in June: 0
  2. Rejections in June: 0
  3. Submissions sent out in June: 0
  4. Total stories/poems/contests pending responses: 1

This month I took a conservative approach to my submissions. I wrote some new flash fiction in May. Instead of sending them out right away I sent them off to my Savvy Authors Flash Fiction group and off to another critique group. Normally I would’ve declared them “done” and sent them off since I’d already had feedback from people in May’s short story workshop. But I know they aren’t 100% ready and I’m utilizing my additional resources to get them just right.

I’ve been doing some editing and writing on an unfinished fantasy novel. It’s good to keep busy while I’m waiting for feedback or I’d be obsessively refreshing my inbox.

How was your month?

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