Try Me by Parker Blue

Title: Try Me
Author: Parker Blue
Publisher: Belle Bridge Books
Source: LibraryThing Early Reviewers

It can be difficult to start a series midway through but I never felt like I was truly missing anything. Sure, I don’t know everything that happened between Dan Sullivan and Val Shapiro but I have a pretty good guess.  Her angst over what they should have meant to each other was typical teenager self-centeredness.

In case you don’t know, Val Shapiro is 18, 1/8 succubus, part of the Special Crimes Unit of San Antonio, earned the nickname Slayer for her skills with a stake (and a sword), and was kicked out of her mother’s house sometime during the first novel, Bite Me.

She was partners with Dan Sullivan in the first novel and is currently living with Gwen, his sister. Val doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up but she does like her job. Fang, her hellhound, is her best friend.

I never connected to any of the characters but the plot (find some missing books) and subplots (vampires want to come out to the world, demons want to remain underground out of the public eye, how to act like an adult around your family when you feel like your mother hates you) were interesting.

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