The Outlander by Gil Adamson

Title: The Outlander
Author:Gil Adamson
Publisher: Anansi
Source: My personal library

The Outlander by Gil Adamson

My husband makes an annual trip to Toronto, Canada and he always returns with uniquely Canadian books for me.  One year he returned with The Outlander. It’s written by a Canadian and takes place in the Canadian wilderness in 1903.

A widow by her own hand, the title character is pursued so she can be brought to justice for her crime.  She wasn’t raised to be an outlaw so living off the land isn’t easy.  The widow meets some rough characters and eventually she begins to adapt to her new life.

One thing I liked which I know bugged others is the main character’s name.  For several chapters she is only referred to as the widow.  It made me feel as though her old identities no longer mattered; this was her new identity and it would overshadow anything she’d ever been and anything she’d ever become.


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