Spellbent by Lucy A. Snyder

Spellbent by Lucy A. SnyderTitle: Spellbent
Author: Lucy A. Snyder
Publisher: Del Ray
Source: Columbus Metropolitan Library (but I did buy my own copy later)

Snyder is a local author I’ve been following for a while.  Spellbent is set in and around Columbus, Ohio.  One reason why I enjoyed Spellbentso much was Snyder’s ability to seamlessly weave her fictional pieces of Columbus with the real ones.  Only true Columbusites will know which places are from her imagination. 

A second reason to enjoy Spellbent is Jessie Shimmer.  The heroine is a novice witch whose boyfriend (and mentor) is sucked into a demon hole.  This is her wake up call.  For the reader it’s easy to say Cooper abused the influence he had over her or he doesn’t treat her like an equal partner.  For Jessie, this event makes her realize just how dependent she was on him.  She doesn’t like it and vows to change things once she gets him back.  During the novel some really bad things happen to her (I don’t want to give spoilers) but she has a sharp sense of humor to go along with it and never gives up.  I hope future books will let us get to know Cooper better so we can come to understand why Jessie cares about him.

The next book, Shotgun Sorceress, is now available but I haven’t read it yet.  The third book in the series, Switchblade Goddess, will be available in October. 

Snyder’s received some good news about Spellbent this week.  Spellbent will be available in French.  It’s currently on the preliminary Bram Stoker ballot for Superior Achievement for a First Novel.  That means a lot of people like it – not just me.  I wish her luck and hope Spellbent makes the final ballot.


  1. Hi Amber.

    That’s a good review of Spellbent. It sounds interesting and I’ll put it on my (rather lengthy) to-read list.

    I realized recently that I didn’t thank you for the interview you did with me a year or so ago and have been embarrassed to show up and give you such a belated thanks. But I noticed that I am STILL getting traffic on my own blog from that interview which is pretty impressive. Anyway, thanks and it’s great to see your blog still going strong.

    J. R. Tomlin (Jeanne)

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