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Lisa Roe, Online Publicist, arranged for Artist Arthur to do a community interview for the release of her book, Manifest: A Mystyx Novel. I’ve separated the interview into two parts for easier reading.  Here is Part 1.  Tomorrow I’ll have a review of Manifest available for you.

13. The Book Owl said…What are your guilty pleasures in life?

Artist: I’m such a geek…books and chocolate.

14. Liz B said…As a writer are you a “plotter” (with detailed outlines) or are you a “plunger” (plunge into the story and see where it takes you)?

Artist: I’m a plotter definitely. As I begin to write the characters take on their own life but with my outline I know where I need them to end up. Most of the time they work with me.

15. Anne said…Are any of your characters based on real people?

Artist: Each of my YA characters is based on a variety of people. My daughter, myself as a teenager, teenagers from my church, some I hadn’t ever met. I’m an observer so I take tidbits from people that I see and think would be interesting in a character.

16. ladystorm said…If Manifest became a movie who would you like to see play the main characters?

Artist: I’ve actually been asked this a lot in the past month so I’ve been thinking about it. I like Selina Gomez for Sasha. Zac Efron would be great for Jake but I think he might be too old. Kiki Palmer for Krystal.

17. LuAnn said…What sort of research did you need to do for your novel?

Artist: I had to find books on the weather that would back up what I’d seen on the weather channel. Books on Greek mythology that I already had because I love the subject in general. Then, I just wanted to spend time with teenagers to get a real feel for their lives, loves, issues, dreams.

18. The Brain Lair (KB) said…Is Artist your real name? Also, how did you guys find the model for the cover?

Artist: Yes, Artist is my real, legal name. 🙂

I have nothing to do with the design of the cover beyond giving a character and sometimes a scene description. The publisher takes care of all of that. I just happen to agree wholeheartedly with their choice.

19. Amber Stults said…Did you have much input into the cover? It’s extremely eye-catching.

Artist: No, unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the cover art, that was solely the publisher.

20. Diva’s Bookcase said…Is the character of Krystal based on yourself or someone that you know? I’d like to know where you got the inspiration for such a headstrong, but young character.

Artist: Krystal is a combination of myself and my daughter. We are extremely moody and stubborn, but once you get to know us you can’t help but love us. Ok, that might be exaggerating, but yeah, I drew a lot of my own experiences and feelings as a teenager and then on some moods I’ve seen my daughter in to create Krystal.

21. Jan von Harz said…My question is if you pick the brain of any dead author whose brain would you pick and why?

Artist: Wow, my very honest answer is, I have no idea. I like reading Mark Twain, I’d maybe like to have a conversation with him just to get a firsthand look at his creativity.

22. Jami said…Who are some YA authors that inspire you? Can you name any YA novels that you read and loved recently?

Artist: I’m so in love with Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers. I really enjoy Laura Halse Anderson and Alyson Noel as well. Just recently I read Fallen by Lauren Kate and enjoyed her voice.

23. MissAttitude said…My question: Why did you decide to not only make Krystal African American, but also one fourth Native American?

Artist: I wanted all the characters to be unique in their backgrounds and upbringing. My family has some Native American (Cherokee) so it was a natural mixture for me.

24. iluvhersheysandbooks said…Hello Artist Arthur, my question is: Of all the paranormal creatures currently “sweeping the YA nation” why choose ghost over vampires, werewolves and faeries, oh my?

Artist: Because everybody seems to be choosing vampires, werewolves and faeries and I wanted to tell a different story, give readers another entity to consider when they think of the paranormal.

25. A Musing Mother said…My question is really for Krystal Bentley rather than Artist: Of all the spirits that have come to you, who evoked in you the most emotion? What emotion? Why?

Krystal: Carolyn Jamison, she was the lady in room 319, right beside my grandfather who was in 320. Carolyn said I reminded her of her granddaughter that she hadn’t seen in years because she couldn’t find her. I didn’t know where her granddaughter was either, but Carolyn said it was okay, visiting with me was like being given another granddaughter. That’s the sweetest thing anybody has ever said to me.

26. Amy J – Book Addict said…What one place would you love to do an author signing at? Town? The one place you have always dreamed you would sign at and mean ultimate success for you!

Artist: Salem, Massachusetts. I would love to feel the energy left over in the air from the long ago witch trials.

27. Faye said…The paranormal genre is big in teen/YA literature right now. Most bestsellers feature vampires, werewolves, faeries, angels, or the like as a main character. In your opinion, why are teens currently fascinated with all things paranormal?

Artist: I think, like everyone else, they want a break for what’s currently going on. They want to be taken away to another time, or another place, or the same place with a different cast.

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