Community Interview with Artist Arthur – Part 1

Lisa Roe, Online Publicist, arranged for Artist Arthur to do a community interview for the release of her book, Manifest: A Mystyx Novel.  I’ve separated the interview into two parts for easier reading.  Tomorrow I’ll have a review of Manifest available for you.

1. Cleverly Inked said…Do you feel being able to Manifest is blessing or a curse?

Artist: I think that any type of growth can only improve who and what you are, thus a blessing.

2. The Library Lurker said…Was it difficult to go from Romance to YA?

Artist: No, actually it wasn’t. I like to read different genres so I generally like to write the same types of stories as I read. It just takes concentration on the current project at hand.

3. Ari said…Artist, what is your position on global warming? Your answer does not have to be serious 🙂

Artist: Good, I’m glad it doesn’t have to be serious. LOL My position is that there are a lot of scenarios for world destruction that we need to take seriously. There was a reason the Earth wasn’t originally occupied with automobiles and other machinery. 

4. Kate said…Other than an author, what profession would you love to have, and why?

Artist: I think I’d like to be a teacher if I didn’t have a fear of getting up in front of people. I’d like to know that I’ve taught someone something, that I’ve given knowledge they didn’t have before. To me, that’s a lasting impact.

5. Diana Dang said…How do you write out your stories? Plan them? Let the characters decide? Or only when you have an “aha!” moment then you put it down?

Artist: I’m a planner. I get the idea then I run with it. My outlines are usually about five pages long and that’s just on the characters, not actually the story. I know, overkill right? LOL

6. Danielle said…How do you come up with names for your characters?

Artist: I have the book of a thousand baby names. And I watch the credits after movies to see what jumps out at me.

 7. Jo said…Why did you decide to write a YA novel, and why in the fantasy genre?

Artist: I was encouraged by a lot of people in my life to write something interesting for our youth. I’m a believer in signs so I figured with so many people saying the same thing, I owed it to myself to give it a try. I love paranormal and so far my romance has been contemporary so this was my opportunity to do something totally different.

8. Star Shadow said…How did you come up with the amazing idea for the base for this book and the Mystyx group/powers?

Artist: I love watching the weather channel. I kept thinking that something has to be left behind after all these storms and natural disasters. My daughter came up with the names of the Mystyx characters and I gave them powers. I wanted different powers, ones that would fit each character specifically.

9. Dwayne said…Since Manifest is infused with paranormal mystery, do you have a personal paranormal experience that you can share with us?

Artist: Sometimes I’ll be in a room by myself and think I see shadow or feel like someone or something has moved past me. It’s weird and doesn’t happen all the time, but each time it does, I wonder…

10. BookMac said…If you had 1 day to spend a million dollars, what would you buy?

Artist: Books probably. LOL And a black FordF150 for my daughter.

11. Bookworm said…Why were you drawn to the paranormal genre of YA?

Artist: I’ve always been a fan of the paranormal genre adult and YA. I like that there are no boundaries to the world that can be created.

12. Sherry @ Flipping Pages for All Ages said…What, if any, are your writing rituals (certain lighting, room, food, etc)?

Artist: I can write just about anywhere at anytime, but I really like to write to music.

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