Moonstone by Marilee Brothers

Title: Moonstone
Author: Marilee Brothers
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Source: My Own Copy

Moonstone Book Cover

Allie is a teenager living with her mother in a trailer on her uncle’s property.  Her mother, Faye, is busy trying to get disability.  Allie acts more like a responsible adult than Faye.  On the evenings Faye “consults” with her lawyer, Allie stays with Kizzy, the Romany gypsy the town likes to call “the witch”.  Allie notices strange things are beginning to happen when she receives an unexpected heavenly visitor.

This is the first book of the “Unbidden Magic” series.  Other titles include Moon Rise and Moon Spun.  Allie actually seems like a teenager.  She has two good friends she sticks up for, has a crush, and even takes the school bus.  Brothers manages to make Allie ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.  Allie discovers the power in the moonstone necklace Kizzy gives her and someone wants the necklace.  Badly.

I seem to find myself reading young adult quite a bit.  This strays from the orphan who discovers supernatural powers in so many ways it stays interesting.


  1. Moonstone does sound interesting.

    I find myself reading more of the YA fantasy genre lately too, perhaps because so many talented authors are publishing in this area lately. I just started reading “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins (the third in the Hunger Games series), and I find myself hanging on every word!

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