Bloggiesta June 2010 Edition is Done!

The Bloggiesta Finish Line!
The Bloggiesta Finish Line!


This edition of Bloggiesta is over for me.  It looks like Pedro and his friends made it to the finish line before I di.  Let’s review the weekend: 

  1. Review posts from 2009 for missing SEO information.  (I’ll save 2008 posts for another time.) Update: Finished January and February 2009.  Halfway through March 2009.  It looks like I started using my SEO All In One plug-in in June 2009 so only a few more months to go.
  2. Type up author interview questions for late June post. Update: Researched previous interviews so I don’t ask the same questions.  Half of the questions have been typed up.
  3. Type up five book reviews.  (I have more I can write but I’ll shoot for that as a minimum.)  Update: One book review is ready to post.
  4. Updated all of my WordPress Plug-Ins.  I didn’t realize four of my plug-ins needed updated.
  5. Attempted RSS Mini-Challenge.  Update: Failure on my part for trying to work on it so late into th day on Sunday.

Overall I spent 5 hours working on items for bloggiesta.  The most mind-numbing of all was trying to update my SEO information for 2009 posts.  Fortunately, the blog cheat sheet from the last bloggiesta helped me.  Each month I have recurring posts and my blog cheat sheet has the SEO keywords associated with those posts so those were the easiest posts to update.


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