And So Bloggiesta Begins!

Are you ready to join Pedro  in a weekend of blogging fun?  Our friend serves as a reminder to: Plan.  Edit.  Review.  Organize.

From experience I know it’s impossible for me to keep up with all of the mini-challenges during the weekend and I work on Friday which cuts into my time.  That’s why I’m writing this post Wednesday night (and sleeping while it publishes) with my goals. 🙂

  1. Review posts from 2009 for missing SEO information.  (I didn’t add my SEO plug-in until sometime that year.  I’ll save 2008 posts for another time.)
  2. Type up author interview questions for late June post.
  3. Type up five book reviews.  (I have more I can write but I’ll shoot for that as a minimum.)

After work on Thursday I will go to the grocery store to buy some food for this fiesta.  The menu includes tacos, chicken with rice and meatballs.  All recipes are courtesy of Rick Bayless.

What kinds of goals have you set for Bloggiesta?


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