I Has A Hotdog! What Your Dog is Really Thinking – Professor Happycat

Title: I Has A Hotdog! What Your Dog is Really Thinking
Author:Professor Happycat
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Source: Anna from Hachette Book Group

I Has A Hotdog Book CoverThis is not one of those books filled with random LOLanimals (pictures of animals with funny and often misspelled captions).  There are several sections with appropriate pictures.  Below are the chapter names, some highlights and the Corgi count.

Chapter One – Cute!
This chapter has some wonderful examples of puppy eyes and canines who are captured in all of their adorableness.

Corgi Count = Possible Cardigan Welsh Corgi –  “I lieks kibbles, and hotdogs, and long walks on the beach…”

Chapter Two – Food
Every dog owner has caught their dog salivating over something forbidden.  These pictures truly capture what the dogs could be thinking.

Corgi Count = Zero.

Chapter Three – Do Not Want
I think every dog owner holds imaginary dialogues with their dog.  This chapter has some cute pictures of dogs in costumes or with a funny expression.

Corgi Count = One Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  One of my all-time favorites, this is a triptych of a Corgi puppy at bathtime.  It starts off as being lots of fun and then as more water gets put on him the fun decreases.  Just what any Corgi I’ve met thinks about baths.

Chapter Four – Kill Cat!
The pictures in this chapter play on the perception of dogs and cats being lifelong enemies. 

Corgi Count = Zero

Chapter Five – Brain!
Right out of the gate is a picture that made me laugh out loud.  And yes, it had a Corgi, but would have been just as funny if it were a Poodle or a Beagle.

Corgi Count = Three Pembroke Welsh Corgis and One Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Chapter Six = Trouble
Most of my funny stories are about the Resident Corgi up to no good.  These pictures are no exceptions.  Some of them actually take credit for their deeds.

Corgi Count = Zero

Chapter Seven – Play!
Playtime is fun time for all dogs.  Not all dogs need toys to amuse themselves.  A water sprinkler can provide some hilarious results.

Corgi Count = Zero

Chapter Eight – Sleep
Back to a place of cuteness.  This chapter contains pictures of sleeping dogs or dogs on their way to dreamland.  These innocent looking fellows remind us that even when doing nothing… dogs can still amuse us.

Corgi Count = Two Pembroke Welsh Corgis

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