A Warrior’s Duty by J.R. Tomlin

Title: A Warrior’s Duty
Author: J.R. Tomlin
Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Books
Source: E-book from Author

A Warrior's Duty


When war comes to Wayfare Keep, Tamra has to fight, in every sense, to survive.

Tamra is the Captain of the Guard of Wayfare Keep and nothing can distract her from her duty — which is why she has joined her forces with those of Sir Cedrian and the army of the city of Madrian to defend their land against invading enemies. When their army is routed and her lover, the scout, Jessup, is lost, she is shattered.

Even worse lies ahead as the secrets of her past come to light. Each death in battle only makes their enemy stronger, allowing the enemy priests to summon invincible demons called ixich. Yet in their darkest hour, haunted by loss and with defeat imminent, Tamra and her allies call upon their deepest strengths to survive and triumph.

A Warrior’s Duty has adventure, romance and secrecy contained within its pages.  Tamra is the title character who puts duty to her family and the people of Wayfare Keep before her own survival.  J.R. Tomlin’s novel combines plot with a character arc which can be sorely lacking in fantasy novels.  

The plot is not laid down with a heavy hand.  It has a natural progression that doesn’t make the reader think the characters have to travel from one place or event to another before something else can happen.  There is an urgency created by the compressed timeline that makes this a fast read. 

The adventure begins with Jessup sighting the Faragund army on the move.  The romance between Tamra and Jessup is revealed early but does not overshadow the remainder of the story.  Tamra’s companions experience a lot of emotions together in a short amount of time.  Secrets are revealed that propel the characters and the action forward.  No single character is perfect which is refreshing.  Overall this is a well written fantasy novel.

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