Writing As Your Characters

One key to writing a successful novel is to slip inside the skin of the characters.  Narrators can provide a buffer between the reader and the characters.  The reader gets to know the character from the narrator’s point of view which is not always reliable.  But when the reader gets to know what the character is thinking and feeling it can get the reader more involved.

The last year or so I’ve seen more authors writing as their characters outside of their published work.  They create entire web sites and blogs for their characters.  Here is a nice blog by Jill Thompson for her character Magic Trixie.  She posts often enough that readers know she’s still updating it.  Jill does the artwork and the posts so it takes quite a bit of time to update. 

Some even answer interview questions as their characters.  Here’s Beverly Stowe McClure’s interview with Lea Schizas and Lea’s characters Bubba and Giganto.

Have you come across any character blogs or interviews lately that you find interesting?


  1. You bring up a good point, Mindy. I don’t know if it’s primarily YA or not. There were some other sites I found (also for young readers or YA) but they hadn’t been updated since January so I didn’t include them. I’ll have to make a mental note the next time I see one.

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